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But Aquarius is turned off by Scorpio's powerful and jealous passions, and Scorpio is upset by Aquarius's unpredictable moods. Aquarius constantly participates in numerous public affairs. The Aquarius is extremely sociable. The Scorpio is reserved.

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The happiness in bed will not help this couple to be happy together. Let everyone go their own way. This combination usually has a great chance for success. These two are so innovative about lovemaking that they ought to charge admission. In addition, they inspire each other intellectually, for Aquarius has far-out, inventive ideas and Sagittarius is optimistic and visionary.

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They both are unpredictable, active and cheerful. They both like making love. They have a rich imagination and they are full of interesting fantasies. They love to be the center of everyone's attention. Usually, they are interesting people which are not suffering from jealousy. There is a very good chance for a successful relationship.

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Many of their values are alike and their need to be outgoing and sociable is inherent in both of these people. Aquarius and Sagittarius both understand the need to let the other be when they need their freedom.


Both signs have a strong sense of self, but Aquarius wants to be free and Capricorn wants to dominate. They will find out soon that their romance has turned into a friendship. It is uneasy for the Capricorn to cope with the Aquarius in intimate affairs. The Aquarius is an inventive, free-willed person. Aquarius is continually on the go and likes to spend money.

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Capricorn considers that frivolous and tries to impose strict controls. This is not a satisfactory connection, and marriage will require efforts. They are perfectly compatible with each other. They are both inventive in love.

However, there are no deep feelings between them. They are both too rational, reasonable and moderate for deep and strong feelings. There are many personal interests. Given, that they are unsuited physically, they will not find this odd, nor a reason to allow hostilities into their relationship, for sex does not play a big role in either one's life as they are easily distracted by daily happenings and other people's problems. In general, it promises to be a pleasant connection and reliable marriage as a result.

In case Pisces study the Aquarian horoscope, this may not be a bad combination. But usually, their sexual affinity turns into a war with elements of a melodrama. The Aquarius feels depressed. This connection seems to be promising at first, but it will never turn into a happy marriage. Monthly Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Aquarius, for the upcoming Month. Aquarius Love Compatibility Horoscope. Aquarius and Aries Love Compatibility Horoscope. Aquarius and Taurus Love Compatibility Horoscope. Aquarius and Gemini Love Compatibility Horoscope. Aquarius and Cancer Love Compatibility Horoscope.

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Aquarius and Aquarius Love Compatibility Horoscope. Aquarius and Pisces Love Compatibility Horoscope. Horoscopes for Aquarius. Comments: Aquarius Compatibility Horoscope. AquaWoman I was married to a Gemini.. Yeah we have a good sex I'm wild in bed and he is good bed BUT he is irresponsible husband and father!

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I have an Aries boyfriend at the moment he is not very expressive with his feelings, he said twice he loves me while I'm sleep. And I think I love him! I don't know whether he loves me or not! Busi Hi I am in a relationship with Aries but I don't feel complete. I was in Love with a Libra guy and separated but now he asked for love back I wish I can leave Aries guy and go back to Libra I feel complete when I'm with him.

Please advise confused. Live your life with the love of your life.

Aquarius The sign of the Zodiac. Full Description.

Aries Will an Aquarius man stay with a woman older than him, divorced with a kid, and still living with her parents? Rita Thats a lot to ask from any astrology sign, but an aquarian is open an willing to take on problems head on. If he lives you, he will stay. Adewale My ex-wife of march 29 who had left me for 5yrs now, wants to come back while i have found july 17 girl whom she's ready to get married to me.

What should i do? Potato Get with the girl you want. Your Ex-Wife had left you.. Now, she wants you back.. Why did she leave you? Now, The other girl, Do you have a good connection with her? Do you guys have fun other? My husband is a Leo, and I am an Aquarius and we have one of the best relationships. He is my best friend, and we are compatible to them. We balance each other out. We learn to except each other's flaws and stick it out. My father and older sis are Libra so i know Libra activity very well..

In now I'm engaged to a Libra and everything seems perfect! So i believe this site is right Libra and aquarians are compatible AW my mom is Aquarius and dad is Libra. I got tired of it. I think I will go for him M taurus female. Teejay I'm a cancer woman that's in love with aquarian guy but i'm a bit scare if it doesn't work out as plan Millie Im an Aquarian female and married a cancerian male.

Marriage was wrong from the srart needless to say it didn't work out. However my dad is an Aquarian and my mother a cancerian and i think that's why its worked. Dad has flair, strong and independent and enjoys socialising. Mum shes a homebody and nurturing and is oposite. I am a Libra and tbh me and her have hit our relationship running. I love her and I wouldn't trade her for the whole world. She means everything to me. No I dont have a libra in my life, he's a gemini and he can be a bit self centered but he is a good match as well, but a libra would have been perfect!

Courtney Im in love with a sag im a aqu I don't know how to let him know that. Cancer I am in a relationship with an Aquarian and we are nothing like the discription that was given we compliment each other in everything. All our friends see us as the perfect couple we are always the same wirh each other. Aquarius woman Honestly I am just confused right now. I am in a relationship with a Capricorn and all that is said here it's true. Our relationship is more like a second job to me. He wants to always be making decisions for the both of us and if I try to oppose I am been disrespectful.

I am suffocating in this relo. Our sex life is nothing to be desired.